New Adventure Park in Kapolei

Kapolei continues to grow both residentially and commercially. This is really busting land value and increasing demand for the entire Kapolei/ Ewa Beach area.

In the next two months, Coral Crater Adventure Park will open in Kapolei. This adventure park will include a total of 6 ziplines for ages seven and up, as well as mini ziplines for the Keiki.  Coral Crater will have a dirt track for all those ATV fans. If this isn’t enough, the adventure park will also have two rock climbing walls on its adventure tower with one wall for beginners and another for the more advanced climbers. They will also have a huge swing that will allow you to fly through the trees and then be lowered over 50ft to the ground. There are electric bike tours available with the option to purchase.

Not described in the expose above is all the Zombie killing with both static and mobile targets planned to occur during all of the activities. There may be AR-15/M4 style weapons with CO2 cartridges for that real feel. This all should make for a great Halloween in Kapolei!

I had the privilege to speak with Coral Crater Adventure Park’s Operations Manager about some of the details. The layout and activities of the park lends itself to be fun for the entire family. There will be picnic style areas set up next to the two food trucks and a beer garden. Yes, BEER garden! I don’t want to give it all away but it seems like these guys nailed it!

I’m sure Coral Crater Adventure Park will release all the details and offerings shortly. It’s great to see what seems to be a healthy balance of both commercial and residential growth in Kapolei. There are still great opportunities to own homes here and all indicators show great potential for large returns on investments.